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Bat Grip Tape for Baseball/Softball

Bat Grip Tape for Baseball/Softball

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  • š‚šŽšŒšš€š“šˆššˆš‹šˆš“š˜: The Ballpark Elite American flag bat grip tapes for youth sports have an improved design that works specifically with the baseball, tee-ball, and softball bat. 1.10mm baseball bat grip protects your hands from the sting and vibration when the bat makes contact with the ball.
  • šˆšŒšš‘šŽš•š„ š˜šŽš”š‘ š†š‘šˆš: Strong and confident gripping power created by professionals for baseball players, the US flag tape feels just right in dry or wet conditions with absolutely no slip. Adhesive backing ensures the grip tape stays secure on the handle for a long time.
  • š„š€š’š˜ š“šŽ šˆšš’š“š€š‹š‹: Precut anti-slip tape, in less than a minute your bat will feel like brand new with ballpark elite baseball bat grip tape. Grip tape measures 1 inch (2.5cm) wide and 43.3 inches (110cm) long to fit any size bat. Can be cut to size for smaller bats. Just wrap and play.
  • šƒš”š‘š€šš‹š„ & š’š„š€šŒš‹š„š’š’ š…šˆš“š“šˆšš†: Ballpark Elite grip tape is 1.10 mm thick and 39" in length, extra durable, and long-lasting compared to other grips. The grip tape is tapered with beveled edges to ensure a seamless fit on the handle and strong friction with your hands.
  • šŸšŸŽšŸŽ% š’š€š“šˆš’š…š€š‚š“šˆšŽš: The durable synthetic design matches the quality of top brands. We are pleased to be able to provide a 30 days 100% satisfaction guarantee. if you have any questions, please contact us! Available in 6 colors and styles combinations.
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